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Ultimate Book Challenge

What is it?

The Ultimate Book Challenge, formerly known as Battle of the Books, is a reading competition designed to improve reading and comprehension while also building enthusiasm for reading.  Students will compete individually and in teams to show their knowledge of 10 pre-selected books. 

Who can compete?

Students in 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade are eligible for the competition.

When does it start?

Students will be given an introduction to the competition in October.  Lunch Bunch practices will begin the first week of November.

How will teams be formed?

In December, all participants who have read AT LEAST THREE books will take a quiz over ALL the books.  This gives students exposure to the type of questions that they will see in the competition and allow them to make a decision of whether they are committed to continue reading and become a team member.  Students that choose to continue will be placed on a team.  Teams will be made up of 6 students. 

When is the school-wide battle?

In January 2023, the students at LCE will compete against each other to determine our Champion Team.

When is the district battle?

On April 4, 2023, our LCE Ultimate Book Challenge team will compete against the other elementary schools' teams to declare a district winner.

What are the books for this school year?

Click on the image below for more information about each book.

Images of ten books.